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    The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus got it right when he said that the only constant in life is change, and doubly so when it comes to the media. Relying on how we’ve done things in the past no longer works. Organisations will need to harness the clearest of thinkers, with the ability to shape their organisations in the face of complex change, to build a roadmap between the future perfect and their business today. Both as a consultant and a coach, I work with clients to ensure they are laying the foundations for success at an organisational and individual level.


    How to build an effective and efficient business, aligning strategy with people, process and production to ensure a sustainable and profitable business.


    How to bring your best self to your top challenges, leading confidently and with purpose.


    How to ensure that people are brought along with your change initiative. Integrating coaching and consulting, the holy grail of services.

    About me

    A senior leader with 20 years experience of working in marketing operations and change management.


    Consultancy Projects

    BBC Studios

    The Marketing Map

    I devised and led a comprehensive Marketing Review, mapping Brands, Marketing, Insights and Creative teams and budget across lines of business, function and region, to make recommendations for investment and headcount. The marketing review enabled the CMO to make a strategic case for an increase in investment in key areas, and the initiation of new hires and structure, with a direct impact on operational output and revenue.


    "Asha has natural gravitas, a heap of experience, in-depth business acumen; she is consistently articulate, thorough, clear - we often simply cannot do without her"


    Sarah Monteith, Director of Marketing Operations, Brands, BBC Studios



    BBC Studios

    Creative Services Restructure

    I advised and implemented a creative team restructure to increase the consumer-facing capabilities of the Central and Regional teams as part of a company-wide transformation project. The restructure delivered on quality, employee engagement and target efficiencies.

    I also delivered the creative strategy and implementation for a number of insource and outsource projects, working with senior leaders across sales, brands, strategy and operations.


    "Asha has a mix of creative/production knowledge, coupled with business know-how which makes her really unique as a consultant. The fact that she can straddle the commercial and creative side of any business is a rare quality.

    She has a great ability to take complex structures and processes and simplify them in a way that enables a business to operate more efficiently. She demonstrates great tenacity and integrity, getting under of the skin of a problem and understanding things at a granular level with the end goal of ensuring effectiveness. She is always calm and objective which makes her a joy to work with."


    Rafaela Perera, Executive Creative Director, Brands, BBC Studios


    "Your wealth of Production experience and extensive knowledge of the industry gives you a unique insight. A lot of consultants come in to businesses' and can have no relation to the industry they’ve come in to consult on. You can be objective and analytical but can bring added value because of your background in the industry."

    Nadia Malik, Director of Operations, Brands, BBC Studios





    A+E Networks International

    Creative Services Restructure

    Alongside the General Manager UK, I devised the creative strategy for the UK and EMEA restructure, bringing in cases of competitor benchmarking and presenting a number of different operating models. I worked closely with the senior team to shape the creative department and devise a series of operational workflows for internal and agency projects.


    “Asha is one of the most impressive people I’ve ever worked with. She conducted a thorough review of our creative department and made thoughtful and commercially astute recommendations. As a result, our creative team, process and output have been completely transformed for the better”


    Heather Jones, General Manager UK / SVP of Content and Creative A+E Networks


    Creative Services Insource and Restructure

    I was commissioned to lead the insourcing and integration of 14 EMEA feeds across 5 channel brands with the existing in-house UK channels.

    I devised and Implemented a new creative services department and facilities, restructuring according to business requirements, and creating a new operational model, integrating the team into the wider business.

    The foundations were laid for today’s award-winning creative and operational teams that underpin the success of the channels. I later became the Director of Production, UK & EMEA.


    "So many great things to say about Asha.
    As production director, during my time at NBCUniversal, Asha initiated and facilitated massive improvements in our operational processes both locally and internationally. A passion for understanding how the wider business goals needed to evolve made her a dynamic catalyst for change.
    Asha’s calming, clear, logical style enables her to challenge the status quo with great success and drive through significant changes with the full support and buy-in of all those around her. If you want someone who will see things differently, set a new bar and get a team to happily jump it, Asha undoubtedly fits the bill."
    Sarah Lloyd-Baker, CMO & COO to Start-Ups, Former VP Marketing NBCUniversal UK&EMEA




  • Consulting

    Good business’ know where they are heading. Great business’ know how to get there.


    I work with leaders to create a path from strategy to implementation, building marketing operations processes, structures, teams and competencies to create high performing and commercially successful companies.


    I do this through providing an assessment of the operational performance of your organisation, refining the brief and producing a gap analysis between current and ideal future state. I then deliver a set of organisational design recommendations, with details of process models and people plans. Finally, I work closely with you to implement, refine and review how the structure works in practice, ensuring that the new ways of working are fully integrated into the company culture.


    I can help if you are:

    • Planning a change in strategic direction, product roadmap or new customer acquisition and require a change in your marketing, creative or production skill set.
    • Looking to understand better an insourcing, outsourcing or flexible staffing model.
    • Undertaking growth or contraction and need to match resource to plan.
    • Undertaking an efficiency programme or have productivity challenges.
    • Transitioning teams and requiring redesigns or reorganisations.
    • Looking to increase revenues through building new marketing models. 
    • Require robust strategic thinking around operational problems.

  • Coaching


    I am a leadership and performance coach, specialising in the media Industries. I help individuals to build confidence and effectiveness through increasing self-awareness, constructive patterns of thinking and resourcefulness.


    I am particularly interested in motivation and potential and how we let our fears get in the way of what we're capable of achieving. I provide an opportunity in a safe environment to explore thoughts and behaviour and use cognitive behavioural techniques to start reframing negative patterns of thinking and replacing them with self-helping ones. Through coaching and consultancy, I am also interested in the process and psychology of decision making - and have developed a range of techniques to aid both strategic and intuitive thinking when we approach business or personal decisions.


    Having worked in the media for over 20 years I have a good understanding of the challenges people in the creative industries face. Choosing a coach who ‘gets you’ is of course, not just a matter of where they come from. However, I find that my background enables a cultural shortcut to happen, encouraging trust and affinity within a short period of time. In particular, I am a good match for anyone working in the disciplines of brands, marketing, creative, production or operations.


    I am democratic in my approach to coaching and do not believe that coaching should be confined to the execs. I love working with new leaders who are taking on their biggest challenges and those restless for change and self-discovery.


    "Asha has been fantastic. I feel more confident in myself and my ability and she has helped me to really enjoy the transition in career pace and leadership, skill development that my organisation has asked of me. Asha has used some really relevant and fun tactics and I really enjoy and look forward to the sessions as I know I will leave them with a boost of confidence, energy and enthusiasm to propel me forward."

    Director, BBC Studios


    "As a freelancer, it's hard to take time away from the hamster wheel to think about where I want to go, how to develop myself professionally and having the courage to take the next step. After a few sessions with Asha, I had a robust plan and the confidence to take a well overdue great leap forward. She totally gets the creative mindset and the insecurity of our world. Quite simply, she rocks."

    Creative freelancer


    "Asha is an excellent professional development coach. Her experience and understanding of the media industry enables real insight into the challenges facing media professionals and ensures that her coaching solutions are particularly relevant. "

    Founder, Littlehawk Creative Agency







  • integrated consultancy and Coaching

    Unfortunately too often as organisations plan and execute their plans, people are left behind. During times of transitional change leaders, change agents and those required to keep the plates spinning are asked to step up – learn new skills, develop new competencies, manage new teams, influence new stakeholders, all with little formal training or support.


    In addition, leaders will be put through periods of stress, where having an outlet to explore how they manage these pressures is critical both in terms of their success and long-term sustainability. Coaching can help navigate the change and implement a period of stability, allowing your senior team to lead with confidence and calm, after a period of uncertainty.


    Part of the integrated package I offer, is a series of coaching sessions to key staff, with a holistic approach to a company and people-centred change programme. This combines a focus on structures and models through consultancy and people development through coaching.


    Your change programme is far more likely to succeed if your leaders have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and are able to lead with clarity and purpose.


  • About me

    Starting off life as a production runner on Have I Got News For You, I have worked across all types of production from comedy series to documentaries, advertising, corporate, broadcast branding and marketing as a Producer and Director of Production.


    I have worked at agency and client-side across a range of positions from Business Director to Senior Manager, overseeing creative, design, production and operational teams. My client list includes Disney, ITV, BBC, BBCW, Sky, Discovery, Turner, Warner, MTV, UKTV, NBCUniversal, Barclays, Centrica, Unilever and Sony.


    Pulling together a wealth of creative and production experience, I launched my consultancy in 2013, working immediately on a large insource project for NBCUniversal. Since then I have added BBC Studios and A + E Networks to my consultancy client list.


    I have an EMCC accredited Executive Coach, accredited in Hogan Psychometric testing and coaching, hold a primary certificate in Performance Coaching and am an accredited Action Associates Facilitator.


    I am a Non Executive Director at a tech start up, Filmstro.


    I live in North London, with my husband and kids. And when not working I enjoy walking - preferably by the sea - and a good glass of wine.








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