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Founder coaching

better understanding with your partner for business success

Are you about to set up a business with a colleague or friend?

Are you already running a business and need to realign existing direction?

Are you happy with the way relationships work at a leadership level?

Do you and your new/founding partner want the same things?

How do you go about making agreements?

How do you navigate difference of opinion?

Addressing these sorts of questions enables leaders to define terms of engagement for building and sustaining a successful business.

We provide a one day workshop exploring vision, purpose, motivation, role and values. Through this work, we help businesses generate their own professional partnership contract.

With over 20yrs in the Creative and TV Production industry, we bring a wealth of business experience to the table from founding companies to holding senior leadership roles in multinational media corps, to consulting. As Executive Coaches, Sam and Asha work one to one and organisationally and are accredited by the EMCC.

If you are interested in the founders coaching programme please direct mail me or contact us at:

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