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freelancers! 5 reasons to invest in a coach

1.Statistically we are all going to be working until we are 176.

We need to be creative about our career(s) and engage in periods of reinvention. I know, I know…. freelancers as a bunch are pretty good at self – learning. In fact we have made careers out of not needing a corporation to spoon feed us. However we are also too busy and often on the client clock to think long-term. We need to take time to think about how to keep engaged, motivated and employable, all the things we hate doing especially when things are going well, but if we don't...remember what happened to the dinosaurs?


2.The good news is that HR won’t put you on a presentation course. The bad news is that you have no HR.

Ask yourself what kind of development you need, and go and get it. You won’t have to complete an appraisal or get the permission of a passive-aggressive boss. Treat yourself, and have the best 1-1, mentoring and inspiring conversation you can have. Think of it as a massage for the mind.


3. I'm a freelancer, get me out of here.

Freelancing, I am sure we would all agree, is great, until it’s not. Take time and headspace to explore the options – becoming an employee, starting a business, joining a business, moving to the country. Sometime you just need the space to make those decisions. It’s all about the need to carve out your happy.


4.Sell, sell, sell.

So we freelancers know a thing or two about how to sell ourselves. Or do we?

When did you last take the time to think about your signature strengths, the essence of why you are hired and what makes you so brilliant at what you do?

If you think it’s because of your technical skills, think again. When I employed freelancers I often called the ones that were:


a/ fun to hang out with at 6am (I mean on a shoot, not in a club)

b/ were flexible

c/ were creative, able to think on their feet, and could solve my complicated problems with one incisive thought.


When technical expertise is a given, how do you stand out?


5.Take another look if you are unhappy or stressed.

Sometimes feeling these things is the life blood of being human, and we need to have a level of tolerance to the bad as well as the good.

But, if the scale is tipping, coaching can help dial up the things you love and leave some of the junk by the roadside.


I am a consultant and coach, specialising in the Creative Industries. I work with well-known brands such as the BBC and NBCUniversal, as well as creative agencies big and small. I have developed a flexible package for freelancers which allows for virtual or in person coaching and a reduced rate for self-funding.

For more information please visit my website or contact me on


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