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Freelancers - why not having a manager might be the worst thing that's ever happened to you.

When you become a freelancer, the sense of freedom is delightful and it’s true, there are some aspects of being managed that you’ll be happy to see the back of.

No one is ever going to miss the infamous characteristics of bad management - the passive aggressive annual appraisal with obligatory unwelcome and outdated feedback, regular 1-1s routinely postponed, the focus on your manager’s priorities instead of yours or the feelings of going through the motions without hope of useful insight.  

But what you might miss, are the best parts of a good manager such as:

Someone to talk through ad hoc or on going challenges, who is wholly on your side and fully focussed on helping you find solutions. 

Someone to identify new paths in your career, to help forward planning and identifying new clients. 

Someone who you can be completely honest with about stress and anxiety – and who has tools in their armoury to help. 

Someone to inspire and encourage you to be the bravest and not the most risk adverse version of yourself. 

There are many many advantages of being freelance and although I can’t speak for you, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  However it has got me thinking about what access we freelancers have to meaningful development time and a regular route to decompress?  

One of the reasons you will be hired is precisely because the company does not have to ‘manage’ you. You are a respected 'hand for hire,' expected to manage your time and stress within your day rate.  You will be given little access to feedback mechanisms including staff surveys or access to formal or informal training and development opportunities.

And partly that’s ok. It’s the freelance gig. 

But though this might be a relief in some ways, the long-term development opportunities it fails to offer might be damaging in the long run.

I am a qualified practicing performance coach and a consultant and regularly use a coach myself to manage the pressures of my consultancy freelance business. 

In light of the recognised need for freelancers to have consistent support, guidance and development I have put together a 6 x 1hour freelance coaching sessions with inbuilt flexibility for you to choose when and why. 

These sessions are for you to bring whatever you need. It could be to discuss next steps, how to remain focused and confident, how to increase resilience whilst waiting for work, how to win work or how to manage worklife balance. 

The choice is yours, I am not your manager. 

These sessions are designed to ensure that you have the ability to move forward in the world as a freelancer, whilst maintaining your emotional well-being and  focus on development.     

In other words. Cake and eat it.  


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